I have had lower back pain from years of gymnastics for so long. I just learned to live with it and accept it. Thanks for giving me the encouragement to start a care plan. I no longer feel like a 25 year old with a 70 year old body. I’m able to do things I would avoid before. Thanks again for all your help!

~Christine Manning

I want to take time to acknowledge the excellent care and treatment I received with Dr. Holthe.  I was rear-ended while driving to a work related appointment, and suffered neck and back injuries as a result. Dr. Holthe provided in depth treatment and information I could understand as well as exercises I could do independently.  He empowered me to help with my healing, receiving tremendous pain relief from his chiropractic treatment.  Perhaps most importantly he genuinely cared!  His concern was more healing and important than I can convey.  He also willingly submitted reports to insurance companies to assist me in obtaining some financial support. Dr. Holthe went far beyond the time, care, concern which usually occurs. His level of expertise was one of highest quality and is current in his field.  I thank Dr. Holthe and am grateful for his work.

  ~Ellen R. Browning, PhD.

When I was about 10 years old I fell down the stairs in my home.  I was treated by the family physician for this.   Cuts and bruises were treated and it seemed like I was on the mend.  Fast forward to 13 years old.  I would wake up with excruciating spasms in my neck.  My mother had been seeing a chiropractor in Stoughton and it was decided that she would take me to see him.  Chiropractic care straightened and aligned my neck and the spasms eventually went away.  By the time I reached adulthood I had gotten into an “only fix what needs to by fixed” type of attitude and other problems were starting to come up.  My lower back had begun to “go out” and spasm.  So I would go to the chiropractor only when this “going out” would happen.  I met Dr. Holthe in town one day, embarked on a care plan, and got lifts in my boots.  Since being under Dr. Holthe’s care I have not had a lower back spasm and am feeling better over all!
~Brian Myrland

I contacted Dr. Holthe because I was experiencing severe headaches. It was to the point that over the counter medications could not control the pain. There were times I had feelings of being physically ill, because the headaches were so bad. After the first visit to see Dr. Jared Holthe, the pain had decreased to the point of not needing pain meds. Within four visits I no longer had any pain.

 ~Dixi Campbell

Here are some letters we have received from our patients over the years.